Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet the new Junior Friends Board

Let's give a big congratulations to the new board who will be serving the Junior Friends this year! Thank you ladies.

Chair -- Jane Spence
Vice Chair-- Jennifer Peterson
Chair Ex Officio -- Laura Fortsch
New Members Chair--Anne Ashley Croker
Treasurer--Laura Gans
Secretary--Jeanne Barton
Newsletter/Blog -- Melissa Kelly
Event Donations-- Lindsay Howell
Event Donations -- Megan Roberge
Social--Brooks McElwain
Media Relations--Meredith Holland
Programs -- Natalie Johnston
Hospitality--Christine Stanton
Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend -- Katherine Murphy
Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend -- Kari Saathoff
Toast to Fashion--Jeannine Ginivan
Toast to Fashion -- Laura Hartman
Bowties & Belles -- Patti Rouzie
Bowties & Belles -- Kim Speed
Bowties & Belles -- Betty Sayler Youles

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