Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank you to our outgoing Junior Friends Board

We cannot forget to thank all of the fabulous women who gave their time and energy to making the events of this past year a tremendous success! Your leadership is invaluable to our mission of helping the kids of The Campagna Center!

Thank you to the outgoing Junior Friends boards as well!

2010-2011 Junior Friends Board of Directors
Chair - Laura Fortsch
Vice-Chair - Jane Spence
Chair Ex-Officio - Adrienne Fox Luscombe
Secretary - Kari Saathoff
Treasurer - Anna Kucera
New Members - Kristen Gullott
Media Relations - Rebecca Chatterjee
Newsletter/Blog - Melissa Kelly
SCWW Co-Chair - Nicole Duncan
SCWW Co-Chair - Katherine Murphy
Social - Allison Brooks
Programs - Tamara Mlynarczyk
Hospitality - Christine Stanton
Event Donations - Karen Angeles
Event Donations - Kristen Jones
Toast to Fashion - Jeannine Ginivan
Toast to Fashion - Jen Peterson

Meet the new Junior Friends Board

Let's give a big congratulations to the new board who will be serving the Junior Friends this year! Thank you ladies.

Chair -- Jane Spence
Vice Chair-- Jennifer Peterson
Chair Ex Officio -- Laura Fortsch
New Members Chair--Anne Ashley Croker
Treasurer--Laura Gans
Secretary--Jeanne Barton
Newsletter/Blog -- Melissa Kelly
Event Donations-- Lindsay Howell
Event Donations -- Megan Roberge
Social--Brooks McElwain
Media Relations--Meredith Holland
Programs -- Natalie Johnston
Hospitality--Christine Stanton
Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend -- Katherine Murphy
Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend -- Kari Saathoff
Toast to Fashion--Jeannine Ginivan
Toast to Fashion -- Laura Hartman
Bowties & Belles -- Patti Rouzie
Bowties & Belles -- Kim Speed
Bowties & Belles -- Betty Sayler Youles

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Last Chance for Tickets to Bowties & Belles!

Don't forget to buy tickets for the Bowties & Belles Derby Party this Sat from 4-7:30. Great fun for a great cause - The Campagna Center! Click here to purchase tickets!